Wildkräuter Extra

Untreated organic wild herbs extra from Switzerland in raw food quality.

...Slow-Made Wild Herbs..

For the past 20 years, Daniel Knecht has immersed himself in the world of edible wild plants. As a result of this, in 2005 he launched the project "Slow-Made", whose name is synonymous with authenticity and meticulousness. In Daniel Knecht we have found a truly great partner in the edible plant world.  As well as a range of culinary delights made from his very own hand-picked and dried wild herbs, Daniel Knecht offers a course in which he shares his expertise on the subject. 

...from nettles to Wild Herbs Extra...

Slow-Made herbs are extremely versatile and can be used to spice up can almost any dish on a daily basis.  Classified as a raw food, Slow-Made herbs are dried gently at a maximum temperature of 40 degrees celsius.  Cold dishes such as dips and herbal-quark should be prepared a few hours ahead in order to allow the full flavor of the Slow-Made herbs to develop.

Wild Herbs Extra is the most universal Slow-Made mix, made of 11 different wild herbs, as well as a dash of olive oil, Himalaya salt, and lemon juice, all of which function to highlight the natural flavor of the herbs, as well as to enable their use in a dried state.  Besides being used as a tasty spice-mix when cooking a variety of dishes, Wild Herbs Extra can also be sprinkled over prepared dishes, salads, and snacks. 

Contents: 22g

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Product Details

  •  Switzerland
  •  Raw, wildly grown, small producers
  •  Nettle, goutweed, cow parsnip, lemon juice, Himalaya salt, olive oil, oregano (wild marjoram), meadow sage, deadnettle, bedstraw (cleaver), betony, ground ivy, wild garlic, mint
  •  6 Monate
  •  Available
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