Canisters small

Our new storage cans for the practical and nice storage of powders, berries, nuts, etc.

The cans look not only good, but are also very practical. Due to the two covers, the can is tightly closed and protected not only from light, but also from moisture.

Each can contains a pencil to inscribe the can itself and let its creativity run free. The written can then be wiped easily, quickly and without cleaning agents, preferably with paper and some oil. The can can be rewritten again and again.

Use our storage cans to store the valuable products in a valuable can.

The cans are available in two sizes:

Small can: Ø 61mm, height: 110mm. For 100 - 150g nuts / powder.

Large can: Ø 84mm, height: 135mm. For 300 - 350g nuts / powder.

Product Details

  •  made from metal
  •  1 Can & 1 Pencil
  •  Available
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