Germinator Jars

You can harvest your health every day of the year with our germinator jars!

  • Simple and easy to use
  • The seeds are soaked, rinsed and grown in the jar
  • Handy 1 liter jars

Delivery details

  • 2- or 3- pack of 1 liter germinator jars
  • stainless steel draining-rack 
  • white glass/ceramic bowl

Sprouted seeds are tiny bundles of vitality

  • The germination process increases vitamin, mineral, amino acid, enzyme, and trace-element content
  • The bio-availability of nutrients is increased (for example proteins are broken down into amino acids)
  • Fresh and full of life
  • Great taste

Note: Mucus-forming seeds (for example cress, rocket, mustard, flaxseeds) should be mixed with non-mucus-forming seeds, at a maximum of 25%

Product Details

  •  Available
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