Sedona COMBO Dehydrator

Sedona COMBO Dehydrator

Whether making crackers, or drying your favorite fruits and vegetables, keep them raw with this food dehydrator.  The gentle drying process means that the foods retain their valuable nutrients.

Unlike other dehydrators, whose air moves vertically, the Sedona dehydrator uses a horizontal air-stream, which allows the warm air to be equally distributed across lower, middle, and upper levels.  

The temperature is regulated digitally, and can be set at anywhere between 30 - 68 degrees celsius. The internal thermometer ensures that the temperature is kept exactly at the set value. Time is also digitally regulated, so that you do not have to be home to switch off the dehydrator.

The Sedona dehydrator is quiet when functioning at a normal setting, but there is an especially quiet, "whisper function" that can be used at night.

If you have only a small amount of food to dehydrate, you can regulate the setting for amount, to save energy.


  • Yedona Dehydrator
  • 9 drying trays with inserts
  • 1 divider

Measurements: 43 x 52 x 37 cm (B x T x H)

Weight: 13.6 kg

Technical details: 230V, 550 Watt

Guarantee: 5 years

Product Details

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