Rapeseed oil

Cold pressed organic rapeseed oil from our own manufactory in raw food - quality.

Rape belongs to the family of cruciferous. It means there exists no wild form and was bred by humans. Rape is originally from India, where it was planted more than 4,000 years before. From there, the rape is coming to Europe by the Romans in the 14th Century. In europe it is cultivated as a crop for centuries because of its oily seeds. In war time the rape plant became the most important edible oil supplier.

In our manufactory the oil is pressed out from the black rapeseed under gentle mechanical pressure. The remaining rapeseed meal serves for popular and nutritious cattle feed.

The rapeseed oil is characterized by a high amount of Vitamin A and E and contains up to 40% polyunsaturated fatty acids (linoleic acid and linolenic acid). Thanks to the good balance between omega 6 and omega 3 it supports a  physiologically balanced nutrition.

The strong yellow oil has an intensive spicy und nutty flavor.

Usage: For tasty salads, sauces and vegetables. Also it can be used for gentle frying (max. 130°)

Recipes with rapeseed oil you find under category Journal/Recipes

Product Details

  •  switzerland
  •  Raw, certified organic
  •  Rapeseed oil 100%, organic
  •  1 Jahr
  •  CH-BIO-086
  •  Available
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