Macadamia butter

Stone Ground organic macadamia butter below 37 °C from our own factory in raw food quality.

Macadamia nuts originated in the rainforests of Australia. In the mid-1960s, Australia started mass-exporting macadamias, provoking a huge Content of hype surrounding the nuts in both the USA and Europe.

Macadamias, also known as the queen of nuts, are composed of approximately 76% fat and are therefore a true treasure-chest of valuable polyunsaturated fatty acids!  They also contain B vitamins, calcium, iron, and phosphorus, to name just a few.

We make our macadamia nut butter on-site using a traditional, slow, stone-grinding technique.  The nuts are stone-ground for up to 48 hours, resulting in a unique nut butter with a silky-smooth consistency like no other.  

Enjoy and experience the purity - nature at its best!

Tip:  Enjoy fresh macadamia nut milk: mix 1-2 Tbsp. macadamia nut butter with 300ml water in a blender.  Sweeten to taste with agave nectar, dates, honey, etc.

Macadamia nut butter is delicious as a spread with honey, and can be used as a basis for many recipes.  Add to muesli, yoghurt, salad dressing, fruit salad, ice-cream, and fruit smoothies.

The nuts are heated neither before nor after cracking, the whole process taking place at a maximum temperature of 33 degrees celsius.  

Product Details

  •  Kenya
  •  Raw, certified organic
  •  100% organic macadamia butter
  •  9 Monate
  •  CH-BIO-086
  •  Available
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