Crystal salt

Crystal salt

Untreated Crystal Salt 1kg from Pakistan in raw food quality.

Crystal Salt is a pure salt that was formed about 250 million years ago when the Indian and Eurasian continental plate collided. This natural and pure salt from the primeval ocean passed through tectonic shifts about 600 to 900 meters below the ground, where it has lain ever since protected from contamination and environmental influences. That is the big difference to today's polluted and toxic sea salt. Crystal salt needs no further purification.

Salt is derived from the Latin word "Sal", derived from "Sol", as the "Sole" which means the solution of water and salt. For thousands of years salt has been of particular importance to people and became indispensable. The salt crystals were scraped from stones and rocks on the shores of salt lakes historically or taken from dried marine ponds. Thereafter, it was mostly used for the preservation of fish and meat. 

Unlike traditional table salt, Crystal salt contains important minerals and trace elements present in an optimal proportion. The proportion of the minerals is up to 2.5%. In commercial cooking salts almost no minerals and trace elements are present. It is refined and reduced to pure sodium chloride. In addition, it is still treated with anti-caking agents, fluoride and iodine. It has, in contrast to Crystal salt a pungent taste, that is due to the lack of minerals. 

Crystal salt from Pakistan comprises minerals such as magnesium, calcium, sodium and potassium and contains traces of iodine, zinc, iron and manganese.


  • pure and untreated
  • not refined.
  • free from environmental pollution.
  • mild flavour.
  • contains essential minerals and trace elements.


To season, or preserve raw food, or produce a brine.

Product Details

  •  Pakistan
  •  Raw, wildly grown
  •  100% cristal salt
  •  2 Jahre
  •  Available
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