Kokosnuss du Chocolate

Stone Ground organic Kokosnuss du Chocolate below 40 °C from our own factory in raw food quality.

Only the finest raw ingredients are chosen to produce our Coconut du Chocolat: raw Criollo cacao from Ecuador; Naturkostbar stone-ground coconut butter; Naturkostbar cold-pressed oils containing essential fatty acids; sweet Ojio agave nectar; and wildly-grown vanilla from Papua New Guinea

Criollo Cacao

ARRIBA NATIONAL Criollo cacao comes from Ecuador and is grown at high altitude on mineral-rich volcanic mountainsides.  The trees are between 30 and 80 years old, and are watered only with fresh rain and mountain spring water.


Our coconuts come from small farmers in Sri Lanka.  They are processed into the finest coconut butter here at Naturkostbar, and then mixed with the cacao.

Coconut du Chocolat is a delicious treat spread on bread or toast, added to desserts, or as a topping for ice-cream or fruit.

Product Details

  •  Switzerland
  •  Raw, certified organic
  •  Coconut butter, coconut sugar, cacaopowder, cacaobutter, cold-pressed oils (sunflower and almond), vanilla
  •  10 Monate
  •  CH-BIO-086
  •  Available
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