Coconut Milk Chocolate

In the region of Pasco, in the humid tropical area on the edge of the Andes and the Amazon basin, grows the noble Criollo variety of the cocoa bean we use for this chocolate bar.

The Yanesha Community, which belongs to a Nature Consortium responsible for the care and maintenance of the forests and fields, supervises the growth and development of these high-quality cocoa beans from Peru. The Consortium is founded on ethical principles, whereby sustainable farming ensures the healthy preservation and protection of the environment, and the reduction of any carbon dioxide from their products impacting on the Earth’s atmosphere.

The freeze-dried coconut milk powder for this bar is obtained a 100% from coconut. The ingredients are fresh coconut meat (mixed with water), coconut butter and coconut flour. The powder contains no sugar and no maltodextrin.

Weight: 50g

Product Details

  •  Peru / India
  •  65% raw, certified organic
  •  Coconut sugar, cacaobeans stone-ground (31%), cacao butter, coconut milk powder (13%), vanilla
  •  1 Jahr
  •  CH-BIO-086
  •  Available
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