Hazelnut oil

Cold pressed organic haselnut oil from our own manufactory in raw food - quality.

Our hazelnuts we buy directly from Piedmont Italy. They convince with their intensive hazelnut-taste.

Hazelnuts are an excellent source of omega 9 unsaturated fatty acids. At around 78%, our cold-pressed hazelnut oil surpasses even a high quality olive oil by 8%. Because of its high fatty acid content and wonderful aroma, hazelnut oil is suitable for a wide range of culinary uses; it can be added to salads, soups, sauces, desserts, breads, and is particularly suited to cookies and cakes. 

Product Details

  •  Italy, Piedmont
  •  Raw, organic, small producers
  •  100% hazelnut oil
  •  1 Jahr
  •  CH-BIO-086
  •  Available
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