Grande Kokos Praline

The Grande Kokos Praline - a taste of Coconut covered with delicious raw chocolate.

We only buy the best raw ingredients and process them to wonderful our creations. All ingredients are natural, fair traded, organic certified and raw quality.

The coating is made from selected, gentle fermented quality beans - additionally we add finest cocnut sugar from Indonesia. Over several hours, the raw ingredients are stone grinded until a delicate chocolate mass results.

For the filling we combine silky creamy coconut butter, fresh cold pressed coconut oil, pure agave nectar and the fine cacao mass.

The Grand Coconut Praline blends together an incomparable exotic filling and chocolate coating 

The Grand Kokos Praline blends together an incomparable exotic filling and chocolate coating that falters your palate and leaves you dreaming of far away place.

Note: Our pralines and chocolate are made out of 100% natural ingredients and we never use lecithin. That's why there may be a white film over the product if they experience changes in temperature. Those are natural, crystalline changes in the cacao butter (you could say that the cacao is perspiring) but it has in no way an effect on the taste.

Product Details

  •  Switzerland
  •  80% raw, certified organic
  •  Cacaobeans stone-grinded, coconut butter, coconut oil, coconut sugar, agave nectar, vanilla
  •  5 Monate
  •  Available
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