barley grass powder

The best quality of Organic barley grass powder from New Zealand

In addition to the wheat grass powder, we have also barley grass powder from the Southern Alps of New Zealand in our range. Both grasses grow in one of the best region in the world and are regarded as a miracle food. The barley grass is irrigated with glacial water along with pure, clean air thus guaranteeing a pesticide and chemical free soil. The barley grass is one of the most valuable foods in the world and serves as the perfect food supplement. Along side wheatgrass, barley grass has more vitamins, minerals, trace elements, chlorophyll, enzymes and bioflavonoids than any other plant.


  • 2x more Cacium than cow milk
  • 30x more vitamin B than cow milk
  • 7x more vitamin C than oranges
  • 5x more iron as spinach
  • 2x more potassium

Essential minerals: Magnesium, sodium, phosphorus, zinc, sulfur, chlorine, and copper.

Trace elements: selenium (for cell protection) and manganese (for cartilage) as well chromium, molybdenum and silicon.

Another important ingredient is Chlorophyll (the blood of plants) which resembles our red blood pigment.  The only difference is that human hemoglobin has an iron atom in the center and chlorophyll has a magnesium atom.

It also contains a variety of different enzymes and almost all the amino acids.  Enzymes in particular are extremely important for our body because it serves as catalysts for our metabolism. Without enzymes, our organism won’t work properly. The more alive your food, the more the enzymes.

Some other ingredients are bioflavonoids (phytochemicals), unsaturated fatty acids, lipids and ions as well as the "feel good hormones" serotonin and tryptophan.


Add one teaspoon of barley grass powder (up to three times a day) to water, fresh fruit, vegetable juices, smoothies or food such as salads and soups.

For athletes

Barley grass has become indispensable for athletes, providing a excellent nutrients taken before and after training.  Mixed with 300ml of water 30 mins before training provides enough energy for your workout, than taken again 30mins after to replenish your body.  The antioxidants protect your body from the free radicals and help protect against damage to the cell membranes of the muscles.  Also the chlorophyll provides a excellent oxygen supply in the body.  Today many athletes are replacing isotonic and sugared sport drinks with green juices such as barley grass and wheatgrass powder.  Athletes who drink green juices have more energy and are less prone to tired or exhausted muscles.

Product Details

  •  New Zealand
  •  Certified organic
  •  100% barley grass powder
  •  10 Monate
  •  CH-BIO-086
  •  Available
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