Durian freeze dried

Untreated durian from Thailand in raw food quality.

The durian tree is native to Indonesia and Malaysia but today it is grown in many countries in Asia. 

The tree belongs to the family of mallows and can grow up to 40 meters.

The durian fruit can can reach up to 8kg in weight of which only 20-40% is pulp. It's pulp has a strong smell which is why it is often referred to as a stink or cheese fruit. The hemiacetals, a sulfurous compound is responsible for the pungent smell. Hence, the fruit is a good sulfur source - as it is an essential mineral it stimulates the metabolic processes, especially the detoxification and the protein metabolism..

The fruit contains vitamin A, C, E and vitamin B1 and B2. Additionally, the fruit contains mineral nutrients such as potassium, phosphor, iron  and calcium. 

Preparation: Add pieces of the fruit into fresh desserts, snacks, smoothies and chocolate or make muesli bars with it. 

Product Details

  •  Thailand
  •  Raw
  •  100% Durian freeze dried
  •  1 Jahr
  •  Available
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