Creme de Carob

Creme de Carob: a new and unique flavour without cocoa powder - in organic quality

Made with organic cashew nuts, shelled by hand, sweetened with coconut sugar and refined with almond oil and vanilla.

The natural ingredients are slowly stone-ground in the traditional way, producing a fine, creamy paste with all the valuable nutrients intact.

Enjoy Creme de Carob on bread, with fresh or dried fruits, added to ice-cream, or your dessert recipes, or simply by itself.  Try adding 1 tbs of Creme de Carob to 3 dl of almond milk and blending it briefly to create a wonderfully rich nut milk.

Cashew nuts contain beneficial ingredients. See cashews

Carob powder made from the carob bean is rich in nutrients: See carob powder

Product Details

  •  Switzerland
  •  85% Raw, certified organic
  •  Cashews, coconut sugar, ALMOND OIL, cacao butter, carob powder, vanilla
  •  9 Monate
  •  CH-BIO-086
  •  Available
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