Untreated organic cashew from Vietnam

We guarantee 100% origin Vietnam.

Our fresh, crunchy cashews are natural and unroasted. They convince with an excellent aroma and gentle sweetness. Our producer grows the seeds in Vietnam in harmony with nature and peels them locally. They contain a lot of valuable nutrients. The beautiful and large cores are packed in our factory in Uetendorf for you.

The cashew kernels contain many nutrients, like magnesium, phosphorus and especially tryptophan. This substance supports the production of serotonin in the body, which in combination with vitamin B6 can contribute to a positive mood. In addition, cashews contain iron, calcium, potassium, copper, magnesium, sodium and phosphorus and vitamins A, E, K and a large proportion of the vitamin B complex.


  • Ingredient for muesli, for smoothies and raw food recipes
  • Food for the brain
  • Comprehensive snack for adults, children and athletes
  • Natural Supplements

Product Details

  •  Vietnam
  •  Certified organic
  •  100% organic cashews
  •  1 Jahr
  •  CH-BIO-086
  •  Available
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