Book Gourmet Rohkost

Book Gourmet Rohkost

Our dream to create a collection of creative culinary recipes with our high quality raw vegan products in all their fascinating variety combined with precious fruits and vegetables found in nature has finally come true!

Gourmet Rohkost - our first raw vegan cook book offers indulgence and culinary highlights to all who enjoy this unique cuisine. 

It includes 70 exquisite recipes ranging from smoothies to salads, mueslis and desserts all created to tantalize the senses. 

The book will be released at the end of March 2015.


Our book Gourmet Rohkost is the result of our longtime experience in the production of raw vegan products, genuine passion for a healthy diet of exceeding quality, and as well as a love for detail. 

We would like to thank our loyal customers for their trust and devotion. They open up another door to the raw vegan world for our company. 

We are proud to introduce to you, a wide variety of natural products through the exclusive raw vegan cuisine. 

Explore the versatility of all the different tastes and enjoy the intriguing visual presentation of the recipes.

The recipes developed with our love for details make every creation a tasting sensation. 

The healthy and healing raw vegan recipes complement your diet in an interesting way and increase your overall wellbeing.

Natural, high quality raw vegan ingredients from Naturkostbar are the basis to all the recipes in the collection. 

Join us on a fascinating journey into the world of primordial tastes which is offered through a wide variety of raw food. Enjoy the wonderfully fruity, creamy and colorful smoothies, refreshing juices, indulgent nut milks, creative salads, crackers charged with superfoods, silky soups and artful dessert ideas. Take some time to smother your skin with divine raw food masks which you can easily make yourself. 

Some recipes are easy and some require advanced knowledge in raw cooking, which you can easily acquire in one of our courses. 

We wish you lots of success and satisfaction with experimenting. 

Here you find some samples of our book: Gourmet Rohkost Leseprobe 

Product Details

  •  Switzerland
  •  Raw
  •  70 sensational recipes
  •  Available
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