Bean-to-Bar Madagascar

Madagascar is home to one of the world's unique and precious cocoa varieties.

The ancient tree varieties, the cultivation of the soil, and the climate are all important influences on  the taste of the Madagascar cocoa pods, which produce a bright, slightly spicy lemony fruit.

Bertil Akesson, born in Sweden, is the owner of the farm in Akesson Sambirano Valley. His life's mission is to produce the highest quality raw materials in a sustainable way. His cocoa beans cannot be Fair Trade Certified, because he is not a trader but the owner of the farm. 

He was invited to apply for Certification, but in order for him to comply, the Certification Board required a payment of 10% of the income earned by his workforce.  Bertil preferred to invest the money directly into the well-being of his employees and their families and forgo the Certificate.

The plantation in Madagascar is a living organism, with safe working conditions and social amenities for the community;   food, shelter, health, safety, freedom and awareness are the values experienced and enjoyed by everyone on this organic agricultural farm.

For me, it is both an honour and a pleasure to work with these rare cocoa beans in our  chocolate factory in Uetendorf, Berne.

With the purchase of these Single Origin Madagascar cocoa beans, we support this great endeavour.

Environmentally Proud — Naturkostbar 

Weight: 50g

Product Details

  •  Madagascar
  •  73% raw, certified organic
  •  Cacaobeans stone-grinded (75%), coconut sugar, cacao butter, vanilla
  •  1 Jahr
  •  CH-BIO-086
  •  Available
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