Bean-to-Bar Ecuador

Real Arriba Nacional Criollo cacao beans - from the Los Ríos region.

For decades, our authentic Criollo Arribas Nacional Cacao have been grown by the farmers Ramon & Manuel in Los Rio, Equador, who value the sustainability of their old trees deeply. 

Ramon owns 14 hectares and Manuel 19 hectares of their land. 

Los Rios translates to “the rivers”; and thats where the authentic Arribas National Cacao originates. Today, for more than 80% of cacao grown in Edcuador, the overgrown cacao strain called “CCN51” is used. Its purpose is to render as much return as possible. The consequences are susceptibility to mold fungus toxins. 

Nonetheless, many continue to call their cacao beans Arribas Nacional. The name translates to “Arriba” = searched for cacao bean, “Nacional” = from here. Unfortunately, there are no certification options as there are no policies.

A lot of money can be made with the name Arribas Nacional. Abroad it has about the same value as the label “made in Switzerland”. 

Have a try of the authentic Arribas Nacional cacao bean.

Weight: 50g


The “back to the roots - from tree to bar” tasted delicious to everyone and even survived approx. 30° degrees outside. The farmers were very touched that their cacao found its way back to them. 

Product Details

  •  Ecuador
  •  73% raw, certified organic
  •  Cacaobeans stone-grinded (73%), coconut sugar, cacao butter, vanilla
  •  1 Jahr
  •  CH-BIO-086
  •  Available
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