Walnuts sprouted

Walnuts from Switzerland, sprouted in our factory in Uetendorf

The walnuts are soaked and sprouted during a process that lasts  several houers and are constantly observed during this time. Once they have sprouted, they are dried for 24 hours in a specially constructed dryer, which uses fresh air and has a maximum temperature of 42 °Celsius.

Sprouting the nuts neutralises the phytic acid (which can hinder the body’s ability to absorb nutrients), meaning the body can better digest the nuts and more nutrients can be absorbed. This process also means that the concentration of nutrients is significantly increased (1.5-2.0 times). For an example of this please see: sprouted almonds.

Walnuts contain vitamins B1, B2, B6, and E, as well as omega 3 fatty acids, lecithin and choline.

Content: 250g

Note: May contain shell parts.

Product Details

  •  Switzerland
  •  Raw Food, Wild grown, sprouted
  •  100% walnuts
  •  9 Monate
  •  Available
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