Quality award

Quality awards

Housemade products


Only the finest raw ingredients are traditionally slow stone-ground in Naturkostbar. Each stage is handmade and carefully monitored throughout the entire process, which takes up to 48 hours. The invested time and attention is high, but the result is trendsetting in terms of preserving the nutrients and the flavor! The heavy granite stones create a silky, creamy consistency and preserve all the physiologically active ingredients. Throughout the procedure the temperature from 42 degrees Celsius is never exceeded.


The Ölmühle Thunersee is a registered trademark of Naturkostbar. Trust and quality are important to us. Therefore, we maintain contact with the farmers, we know the seed and produce fresh pressed oils in Raw Food Quality. For our oils we use only the finest raw ingredients (capable of germination) which are gently pressed at 37 degrees Celsius with our water-cooled screw press. Fine sediment and turbidity (cloudiness) guarantee unfiltered and unprocessed oils. 


Raw Food Quality

Raw Food Quality means that the raw ingredients aren't heated or produced above 45 degrees Celsius. Thus, the enzymes as well as the important nutrients remain intact and keep all of their physiological ingredients. Raw food is a healthy way of living, ensuring strength and vitality.

Bio Suisse Certificate

Bio Suisse guarantees uniform rules at a high ecological level. Only farms that are fully organic are allowed to register with the Knospe. To hold the Knospe, is, to guarantee the whole biological cycle. They are organic, or they are not, there is no compromise. Bio Suisse is a high standard.

Demeter quality

Biodynamic farmers work harmoniously and ecologically with the forces of nature to harness the natural effects of yield-boosting nutrient cycles,  crop synergies and beneficial insects, maintaining the integrity of the soil to produce healthy and environmentally-friendly food.   Their  application of soil improvers at homeopathic dosage encourages organisms and micro-organisms in the fertile topsoil to flourish, guaranteeing sustainable agriculture for generations to come.


Fair Trade is an alternative trade model, which stabilizes and improves the livelihoods of small farmers and workers in developing countries. When consumers choose products with the Fair Trade label, they make a concrete contribution to a better world.

natural, untreated

Grown wild means that the trees and shrubs are grown wild in their natural habitat and are not cultivated on plantations. Farmers harvest only the fruits, flowers and branches. If the whole plant must be dug out,  it is replaced with a fresh one. No pesticides and agro-chemicals are used. Sometimes it is possible to certify Wild Grown as organic.

USDA Organic

Since August 2015 USDA organic and Swiss Organic Standards are harmonized. It is now possible to sell products from the US as organic in Switzerland.