For us, Naturkostbar isn't just another business with which we earn our living.  We came together here through a shared calling, and each one of us truly lives this lifestyle.  We believe that this is what makes Naturkostbar, its gourmet raw products, and ourselves as manufacturers, authentic and compelling.

We see ourselves as a holistic enterprise, specialized in both the procurement of raw materials and the manufacture of handmade gourmet raw products.  We can thus guarantee high quality processing of pure, unadulterated raw ingredients, reflecting the principles and expectations of our business.

True to our convictions and our passion for natural, healthy food, we offer our customers only the very best products, at the same time introducing them to and familiarizing them with this type of diet.  One of our main aims, which we do with great pleasure, is to educate our customers about our foods; both with tips for use as well as their nutritional properties.


With the realization that, as a marathon runner, I needed training not only for my stamina, but also for my diet, I began to do a lot of research into nutrition, and to experiment with my own diet.  I discovered that a pure, natural diet that included an abundance of active enzymes was the best solution for optimum health and to help me to reach my athletic goals.  This nutrition plan allowed me to decrease my recovery times and increase my athletic performance.  The subject area fascinated me so much so that, in addition to my personal research, I attended further education courses, and in 2009 launched my own nutrition business.

Our initial product range consisted of green sprouts, seedlings, and cold-pressed oils, all of which were enthusiastically received by customers at a weekly market.  In December 2010 I opened Naturkostbar in Steffisburg, and expanded the product range to include, amongst other things, raw desserts.  Additional gourmet raw products have since been created created through inspiration from international contacts, as well as through exchange with both suppliers and customers.  These products are regularly reviewed for quality and improvements constantly being made.  Alongside the best possible production techniques, one of the main goals of Naturkostbar has been to source the highest quality raw materials available.  From the beginning, we have imported our own carefully selected ingredients, establishing and nourishing relationships with farmers in the region and abroad, as well as with international co-operations.  Organic farming is very important to us, but equally so are the subsequent processing methods of our ingredients: at which temperature the raw materials are dried; how they are cleaned; and under what conditions they are transported.  

Although we are constantly creating new products, one thing that we never lose sight of, or neglect, is quality.  The satisfaction of our customers, and consistently meeting the high expectations of our products, are more important to us than profit and growth.  At Naturkostbar, man is at one with nature - which is how it will remain in the future.


Naturkostbar offers you first-class gourmet raw food products, with which we aim to revive forgotten flavors. Our high-quality products are the natural alternative which will help you to make the transition from the excess of highly-processed foods available, back to a healthy, more conscious, diet.

Sundried, handpicked roots and fruits that have been ground by traditional mortars are handmade into high-quality, sweet, delicious creations.  All of our products are individual creations, the mindfulness and knowhow of our employees flowing through each one.  They are first-class products that will provide you with vitalizing energy, and that you can enjoy with a clear conscience. 

Our existing and constantly growing network of national and international contacts allow us to keep our knowledge up to date with the most recent developments in the field, and paves the way for potential new sources of raw materials.  Sourcing the best ingredients and discovering new recipes and preparation methods are part of our main goal, which is to provide you with the top quality live food.