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Blendtec Designer 725 inkl. Behälter WildSide+
SmartBlend technology, 100 speed levels selectable via the touch screen, sliders and a fantastic design make the Designer 725 a star in every kitchen.
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Probably the smartest dazzler in the world

The Blendtec Designer 725 offers the most advanced Blender technology on the market and provides a unique user experience.


  • 3.8 HP maximum power, 240 V
  • Illuminated touch surface and LCD display
  • 6 pre-programmed sequences: smoothie, dips, sorbet, juice (from whole fruit), hot soup, cleaning
  • 100 speed levels selectable via the touchscreen slider.
  • 8 years warranty
  • Illuminated display shows the remaining time.

Scope of delivery

  • Designer 725 Motor Base
  • WildSide+ container (BPA Free) with ventilated lid
  • Quick start guide and recipes

SmartBlend Technology

The Blendtec Designer 725 incorporates exclusive SmartBlend technology that detects and identifies potential problems, including stress problems, overheating, and air pockets in the mixture - and offers advice on how to solve them.

100 speed levels, touch screen slider + multi-speed pulses

The touch panel lets you choose from up to 100 speeds, giving you ultimate control. It also displays the following levels: Blending, chopping, kneading, mixing and pureeing.

Preprogrammed sequences

The Blendtec Designer 725 offers six customized program sequences: Smoothie, Dips, Sorbet, Juice (from whole fruit), Hot Soup and Cleaning. When a program is used, additional dishes are displayed, which this program also supports, to show the user the versatility of the functions.

Tap for longer mixing

While mixing, you can add 10 seconds to the program by tapping the program you are currently using. This will give you exactly the consistency you want.

Designer 725 Programs


This cycle is specifically designed for preparing different types of smoothies and thick drinks, often using solid or frozen ingredients. In this cycle the speed increases and decreases automatically. This allows the blender to draw the ingredients into the blender jug until the desired consistency is achieved. For the smoothie cycle, place the ingredients in the blender jug as indicated in the recipe, place the lid on the lid and press the smoothie button. The blender will go through the cycle and then automatically turn off.


This cycle mixes at a relatively slow speed and for a shorter period of time. It mixes the dip ingredients and combines the flavors without "overmixing". For the dips cycle, fill the ingredients into the blender jug as indicated in the recipe, place the lid on the blender jug and press the dips button. The blender will go through the cycle and then turn off automatically.


This cycle is specifically designed for preparing frozen desserts such as ice cream, sorbet and yogurt ice cream. The mixer increases and decreases the speed at the right moment to keep the mixture frozen. For the ice cream cycle, fill the ingredients into the blender jug as indicated in the recipe, replace the lid and press the ice cream button. The blender will go through the cycle and then turn off automatically. Serve the frozen dessert immediately and put the leftovers in the freezer.


This cycle is used to puree hard and solid ingredients such as carrots, celery and seeds or kernels. Use the Juice cycle for chopping fruit and vegetables with stems, seeds or peels. When preparing juice from carrots or other solid vegetables, you may need to repeat the cycle once or twice until the desired viscosity and consistency is achieved.


This cycle is used for the preparation of hot dishes. Due to the length of the cycle and the high speed, the ingredients heat up to a hot temperature. This cycle is also suitable for hot chocolate, syrup and fondue. When using fresh ingredients, remember that the high speed of the blade generates enough heat to heat the food being mixed. Therefore, when preparing soups or hot drinks, do not pour liquids or ingredients that are warmer than 46° C.


This cycle automatically cleans the inner surfaces of the blender jug.

Use of the cleaning cycle:

  1. Add 240 ml water and one drop of Geschirrspu¨lmittel into the blender jug.
  2. Close the container with the lid and place the container on the motorblock.
  3. Press the cleaning button.
  4. At the end of the cycle, remove the container and rinse it. It is best to clean the container with the cleaning cycle immediately after using the blender.


The Pulse button is suitable for chopping, chopping, whipping or other quick preparation methods that do not require a long mixing cycle. The Pulse button also allows food to be stirred briefly before serving. The Pulse button runs at its highest speed as long as the Pulse button is pressed. The Pulse button can also be pressed during a selected speed level, when released the motor will return to the previously selected speed level.

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